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This is the PASCAL Online Compiler.
In online compilers (.net) you can find and use online many compilers ( GCC, MINGW, GFORTRAN, JAVA, GPC, FREEBASIC) for the mainstream languages that exist, you can search THE LINUX MANUAL (DEV MAN) PAGES, the JAVA & WIN32 API'S. Also, i have gathered some material to get you started with programming.
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Name: Philip
  Something odd in stdio?
For some reason running exe from the C compiler does not seem to be handling escaped values in printf().  A line like
   printf("Hello World!/n");
is displaying 
   Hello World!n
on the console when the exe is run.  Is there some issue with the compiler and windows 10 or am I making some subtle or silly mistake?
Answers: Name: Swastik
I think it should be \ instead of /

Name: fpendley
The Newline char in c is a backslash not a forward slash.