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This is the C/C++ Online Compiler.
In online compilers (.net) you can find and use online many compilers ( GCC, MINGW, GFORTRAN, JAVA, GPC, FREEBASIC) for the mainstream languages that exist, you can search THE LINUX MANUAL (DEV MAN) PAGES, the JAVA & WIN32 API'S. Also, i have gathered some material to get you started with programming.
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Name: dlee
  New line
how come, when I enter "\n" it doesn't start a new line for me?

for example,

printf("Hello people, thanks for your help \n");
printf("No problem man");

would show

Hello people, thanks for your helpnNo problem man

instead of my intention:

Hello people, thanks for your help
No problem man
Answers: Name: dlee
i found the answer, nvm. thank you.

for this website, a double backslash is reqd

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